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Foundation-funded journalism: The state of the research (report)

To help those wanting to learn more about this area, we have produced an overview of the existing research into foundation-funded journalism. This lists the main publications to date, the methods used and the main findings.

Research into foundation-funded journalism is relatively scarce and disconnected. There is, for example, no single edited volume on this topic. This matters because while philanthropists and foundations often want to support journalism, it is not always clear how they should do this. Similarly, journalists are often unsure about common practices in this area. For those interested in carrying out further research in this area, this matters because it is useful to know what methods have been used to study this topic in the past and how their findings compare to others. We are certain that this list is incomplete, though. So please get in touch to let us know what is missing – we intend to produce updated versions as further research is published.

See here for the full report.